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GCI Virtual Summit – Global Leaders in Cannabis and Psychedelics


The GCI Summit gives global leaders the opportunity to network with the best minds in cannabis and psychedelics on 7-9 December, 2021.

Featuring a world-class line up of thought leaders from around the globe, the GCI Summit presents a unique experience for participating leaders who can customise their program across 7 virtual topic areas, from the comfort of their home, office, or home-office!



If you are most interested in networking, the virtual platform for the GCI Summit makes it easy to find likeminded leaders and schedule video meetings with your peers. Users are able to submit information about themselves, after which the networking platform’s AI will automatically suggest the leaders best suited to connect with, based on mutual interests and experience.


The GCI Summit makes a significant proportion of tickets available for free, for cannabis and psychedelic industry leaders. In addition to leaders in cannabis and psychedelics – doctors, researchers, investors, policy makers, patients and retailers interested in learning more from the experts at the Summit can apply for free, no-strings-attached Tickets.


Join the global community and secure your spot today. Apply for a Free Ticket, or alternatively, purchase your discounted early bird Premium Ticket:

Conscious Cannabis: Business for Social Good


Momentum around global cannabis legalization is the highest it has ever been, and yet, today is the smallest the industry will ever be. As a multipurpose agricultural crop primed for food, fiber, medicine, and more: the cannabis plant has the potential to become one of the most in-demand commodities of the next decade.

With the birth of this new global sector comes a timely opportunity to redefine “business as usual” and to develop transparent, responsible value chains for cannabis consumer packaged goods. As more nation-states revise their cannabis policies, and more commercial cannabis operations are created, ESG and social impact frameworks can lead the way towards conscious production and consumption like no industry has ever done before.

Join the GA x CEG alongside a panel of cannabis and social impact experts for a dynamic 60-minute webinar focused on the current and future state of cannabis, and the impact this new global commodity can have on people and the planet.

Business for Social Good: Conscious Cannabis


Consciousness is everything you experience. It is the song stuck in your head. The lingering taste of your favorite dish, the emotional turmoil of misplacing your keys, the strong bond with your child, and the bittersweetness of accepting the things we cannot change but finding ways to enhance those elements.

The Cannabis Education Guild (CEG) is a platform focused on global cannabis education and social good. CEG aims to help build a commercial understanding of the legal and emerging cannabis markets while creating a lasting social impact. We’ve partnered up with The Cannabis Education Guild to host a series of events around intentional approaches towards starting or transforming a cannabis business endeavor.

Join us for an exploration of ways consumers and businesses can join forces to elevate the future of social good in the Canna-biz Industry.

Cannabis 360


Inaugural Industry Conference

Dedicated to bringing industry professionals and experts together to discuss key aspects of the Cannabis industry within the Canadian market and abroad. Covering a range of topics, industry stakeholders will provide key insights on some of the biggest opportunities and challenges currently facing the cannabis industry. Our panelists will provide actionable takeaways for attendees, whether you are new to cannabis and looking to enter the industry, to an established business searching for growth opportunities within the space.

EARLY BIRD FEE: CAD $35 (ends August 1st)


Live-streamed event with real-time Q&A after each topic
In-depth discussions covering key aspects of the cannabis industry
Networking opportunity with industry professionals and experts
Technical knowledge from industry leaders and regulatory specialists
A virtual conference that can be accessed anywhere in the world

Understanding Cannabis live webinar


Join Kelsey Cannabis, Cannabis Educator & Public Speaker in this exclusive online seminar/live webinar for an “Understanding Cannabis” learning experience.

This webinar will provide practical cannabis knowledge for those who are new to using cannabis, are recreational or medical users, or who may consider themselves a connoisseur.

Register now and secure your spot!

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:
-What is cannabis together with its benefits and side effects
-What is the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis interacts with our bodies
-Marijuana as medicine (using cannabinoids THC & CBD, dose amounts, and what are terpenes)
-Cannabis consumption methods (differences between smoking, vaping, edible, oil, capsule & topical methods of use)
-Canadian laws & regulations
-Q&A session

Kelsey Cannabis is a cannabis Educator, Speaker, and Consultant who has certifications from the Cannabis Training University, The Trichome Institute, Cannareps, and the University of Alberta.

As a long-term medical cannabis patient and Brain Care Centre Ambassador, Kelsey shares her lived experience and expert knowledge on cannabis plant science and the therapeutic properties of the plant.

She strives to educate the Canadian cannabis community about the facts of this dynamic plant and is committed to being a powerful voice, speaking about where the industry is headed and how we can debunk the myths (and improper terminology) plaguing the industry.

International Hemp Summit – IHS 2021


The IHS Hemp & CBD 2021 is focusing on latest trends in HEMP & CBD innovation. This conference will showcase industry experts, academics and entrepreneurs involved in Hemp & CBD research and commercial enterprise. ​This conference shall identify and accelerate innovative companies & create synergies for the global hemp and CBD ecosystem.

Infuse your Favourite Cooking Oils Workshop


Faded Living presents a virtual Infuse your Favourite Cooking Oils Workshop on Zoom!

Saturday July 17, 2021
4pm – 5pm PST

Join Canna-chef Necole Hines for 1 hour of an entertaining & educational workshop featuring some of her favourite things; cooking & cannabis.

Workshop will cover the following:
Oils to Choose for Cannabis infusions
3 Oil infusion methods
Benefits of cooking with cannabis
Oil infusion methods
Easy Infusion Recipes
Safe consumption & storing practices
Dosing Tips

All levels welcome!
Open to Adults 19+

Intro to Cooking with Cannabis Workshop


Faded Living presents a virtual Intro to Cooking with Cannabis Workshop on Zoom!

Thursday July 15, 2021
5:30pm – 6:30pm PST

Join Canna-chef Necole Hines for 1 hour of an entertaining & educational workshop
featuring some of her favourite things; cooking & cannabis.

Workshop will cover the following:

What is Cannabis?
Benefits of cooking with cannabis
Slow cooker infusion process
Easy Infusion Recipes
Safe consumption & storing practices
Dosing Tips

All levels welcome!
Open to Adults 19+

The State of Craft – Episode 7, featuring Kirk Tousaw


The State of Craft is a webinar series focused on the legal craft cannabis industry.

The rollout of cannabis legalization in Canada has been full of ups and downs. The craft cannabis industry in particular has been immensely affected by a myriad of challenges and missteps in the years following the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

In The State of Craft, Sami Majadla, CEO of CertiCraft, facilitates conversations with leaders in the legal craft cannabis industry to explore what is going well and what is going not-so-well. We’ll discuss what can realistically be changed at different levels of government and industry alike to address major issues the craft cannabis sector is facing, and hopefully inspire stimulating ideas of all sorts. Every episode will end with a 15 min live Q&A with our audience.

In Episode 7, Sami will be joined by Kirk Tousaw.