Canadian Grown: The 2020 Cannabis Public Policy Conference


On October 17, 2018, Canada became the first G7 country to legalize cannabis on a national level. Since that time, unprecedented levels of capital, investment, research, and innovation have shaped Canada’s cannabis market into a global leader.

In order to maintain that first-mover advantage, smart, strategic public policy will continue to play a pivotal role in the years to come.

Join Canada 2020 on the anniversary of legalization for Canadian Grown, The 2020 Cannabis Public Policy Conference, hosted in partnership with Genome Canada, for an in-depth look at the policy, science and business forces shaping Canada’s cannabis industry.


Election 43 & Cannabis Policy

Agenda setting for the incoming administration, and mapping Year 2 scenarios for Bill C-45.

Industrial Policy & Market Structure

Firmly establishing cannabis as a top-tier industrial sector within government and analyzing the ways public policy and market forces intersect and enable growth.

Science, Research & Genomics

Forging a path to cannabis’ untapped genomic potential, and targeting the policy frameworks that will enable new research, innovation and scientific discovery in Canada.

Global Pressures & Opportunities

Assessing global pressures and determining the international opportunities that can help fuel policy and market momentum.


Hon. Anne McLellan, Senior Partner, Bennett Jones and Co-Chair, Canada’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

Dr. Mark Ware, Chief Science Officer, Canopy Growth Corporation & Co-Chair, Canada’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

Alison Gordon, CEO, 48North

Chuck Rifici, Founder, Auxly Group, Nesta, Canopy Growth + others

Marc LePage, President & CEO, Genome Canada

Trevor Fencott, CEO, Fire & Flower Corporation

Trina Fraser, Partner, Brazeau Seller LLP

+ More names announced weekly

Inquiries to info@canada2020.ca

Chocolate Edibles Workshop


Living Lotus is partnering with Phytochem Consulting for our next workshop Chocolate Edibles.

Learn how to make high-quality chocolates infused with cannabis in this 3-hour workshop. We will be making chocolates infused with cannabidiol (CBD) using premium ingredients.

Phytochem is a company focused on the chemistry of cannabis, including the development of formulas and recipes.

We are pleased to be offering this workshop that blends the art and science of plants and chocolate

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn:
How to temper chocolate
The benefits of cacao
Where cacao comes from
Dose control for CBD
Preparing cannabis for eating (the “decarboxylation” reaction)

Ellementa London ON: Cannabis and CBD for Pain Relief


Let’s Talk About: Cannabis and CBD for Pain Relief

September is Pain Awareness Month. Anyone in pain knows how challenging that can be.You may be experiencing pain and yet suffer in silence. Or you may know someone in pain and want to offer them a healthier, safe alternative to opioids. At this women’s wellness event, you’ll:

~~ Learn how cannabis and CBD can be offer immediate and ongoing relief from inflammation and pain

~~ Find out how THC, CBD and other compounds in cannabis interact with your body and brain to address chronic and acute pain.

~~ Discover the quality products on the market, locally and nationally, that can address pain safely and effectively.

We explain some of the science behind why cannabis and CBD can be really good for your health.

Our goal is to put better information into your hands so you can heal – and help your loved ones heal.

If you are looking to understand how cannabis interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness – or simply feel better – this Gathering is for YOU.


This Gathering discussion will be led by, Ellementa Gathering Leader Andrea Meharg

Root to Rise


Sessions will focus on challenges facing entrepreneurs, such as time management, loneliness, communication and effective leadership. We will begin with an hour of yoga led by Steve Fazzari, followed by a 30-minute guided meditation with Larry Li. After class, guests are invited to enjoy a cup of tea and conversation with fellow students.

Class is open to all levels— curious to connoisseur, yoga mats are available in a limited quantity. We encourage students to bring their own mat to practice.

About your instructors

Steve Fazzari, aka Shankara Deva Om

Steve’s journey towards clarity and creating space for inner silence started at a young age when he began studying Eastern philosophies and Buddhist teachings.

Drawn to movement as a way of achieving mindfulness, Steve pursued snowboarding and skiing, mountain biking, and classical music training as a way of facilitating peaceful moments.

Discovering yoga became another powerful tool for personal growth.

Steve has completed advanced and senior-level training with the living master Sri Dharma Mittra. Much like Dharma, Steve has felt drawn towards being a teacher of teachers. He was an instructor at Karma Teachers in Vancouver, and helped develop curriculum during his many years at the studio.

The mark of a true master is to be able to share teachings with a wide variety of diverse thinkers and find common ground; this is where Steve’s expertise resides. Grounded in science and philosophy, Steve believes these teachings can be accessed and understood from many different viewpoints and by people from all walks of life.



Cannabis Tissue Culture Workshop



Plant tissue culture is a group of methods in which plant fragments, seeds, or individual cells may be used to propagate genetically identical offspring. Although not new to the plant sciences, tissue culture has been rapidly gaining popularity in the cannabis sector due to its ability to produce large numbers of identical plants under sterile laboratory conditions.

ICCI Webinar: Making Cannabis Safer and Better with Dr. Ethan Russo


The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute is proud to present its first online webinar with Dr. Ethan Russo, Making Cannabis Safer and Better. Our webinars are designed to share our expertise on cannabis, and provide insight to enthusiasts, patients and medical professionals.

During the seminar presented by Dr. Russo, you will learn the following:

Details on cannabis preparations, components, and pitfalls in cultivation
Best practices and selective breeding for cannabis composition
Applications of cannabis for treating a variety of conditions, including information on dosage and methods of administration

Cannabis laws are loosening in most parts of the world. Many hurdles remain pertaining to the quality, consistency, safety and efficacy of its production and processing. These include proper cultivation techniques, avoiding pesticide and heavy metal contaminants, and selecting cannabis varieties with the most efficacious components for medical use. This webinar will present detailed information on the cultivation and composition of cannabis, and will address how specific cannabis preparations are produced and used to treat a range of medical conditions.

The length of the webinar is two hours. It will start with a one and a half hour presentation by Dr. Russo, followed by 30 minutes for questions and open discussion.

The webinar takes place on the 9th of April, 2019 at:

10:00 AM EST
11:00 AM EDT
17:00 CEST

You can register for the webinar at the following link for 30 euro: ICCI Webinars