Calgary cannabis crusader celebrates first 4-20 since legalization

By Drug Policy, News Media

April 20, 2019
Alanna Smith – Calgary Herald

image – “Kalika (left) joins dozens of participates at a 4 20 public rally while lighting up her bong and enjoying the atmosphere at City Hall. Saturday, April 20, 2019. Brendan Miller/Postmedia”

“Keith Fagan has been a lifelong cannabis crusader but as he celebrates the first 4-20 since legalization he says more advocacy work is needed to eliminate the stigma still clouding now-legal pot users.”


4-20 celebration in Calgary has a ‘different feel’ after prohibition lifted

April 20, 2019

Michael Franklin, Web Producer – CTV Calgary
April 20 has always been an unofficial holiday of sorts for cannabis users to enjoy their product and fight for its legalization. But even now that the drug is legal, some experts say the battle isn’t over.


Post-legalization, Alberta cannabis fans look ahead with 4-20 ‘protestival’

April 20, 2019

Emma McIntosh – Star Calgary
Omar Mosleh – Star Edmonton
EDMONTON AND CALGARY—Alberta’s first 4-20 celebration with legal cannabis felt a little less like a protest and a little more like a celebration..

Calgary Now: Is legal cannabis really coming? Part 1

April 20, 2019

Original broadcast April 26, 2016
Kevin Chorney – Shaw TV Calgary

YouTube Videohttps://youtu.be/Tt0ZhYTZpDA

Legalization is a Lie: A protest at Vancouver Art Gallery


“We’re re-taking the Vancouver Art Gallery as the location to protest cannabis prohibition! In early 2018, Trudeau’s goons (Operation Apprentice) ended 20+ years of activism at the Art Gallery. Police attacked peaceful activists and vendors, seizing cannabis, oils, and edibles. Several charges were laid and many activists were banned from returning to the spot. We were told to “go home” and “stop protesting” because we supposedly got what we wanted — legalization. […] This isn’t legalization, it’s Prohibition 2.0! In Canada we have the right to gather and peacefully protest in a public place. On October 17th, “legalization day”, let’s meet at our traditional protest spot and voice our thoughts about Bill C45. Bring your signs, flags, cameras, and, of course, your joints!”

Facebook event page here

Boycott Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp


The Ontario Liberals have allowed the LCBO to sell Cannabis and accessories through the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. The Cannabis community is being taken over by political gangsterism. We are being forced out of an industry by the people who rallied against us. We will not allow it.

When the OCRC location’s and the dates are announced, we will update

420 In The Park


Public · Hosted by Calgary Cannabis Club

Facebook event page here

It’s time once again for 4:20! This year the Calgary cannabis club would like to gather in Olympic plaza across from City Hall. Although cannabis legalization is around the corner we understand that there is still battles to be fought for the rights of the Cannabis consumer. In direct protest with the new public consumption bylaws we would like to gather and consume in public, in a manner that is both courteous and respectful to the people in public around us. As always it will be an afternoon filled with great fun, activities, entertainment and speakers. Please join us for our PROTESTIVAL, speak out for your rights & celebrate 420

Sudbury 420

Sudbury 420
Sudbury 420 is brought to you by:
Sudbury Cannabis Awareness CommitteeCome and join us this year in celebrations of Canada’s national 420 rally! This year we’re in Sudbury bringing with us a great lineup of sponsors and partners! Lots of free giveaways at the event!This year we are rallying at Bell Park’s parking lot on York street at 2:30 PM EST.

You can also enter our giveaway draw that will take place at 4PM that day with a great selection of goodies from our sponsors!



After Dark Cafe & Edibles
Overgrow Canada
High Canada Magazine
Creator’s Choice Natural Health Solutions
A Positive Alternative
RevolutionX Radio
After Dark Radio
Wacky Robbie’s
Broken Coast Cannabis
Spark Medicines
Spark Cannabis

19+ Event( Not child friendly)
Please ensure you have your ACMPR cards with you.

24TH Annual 420 Vancouver


4/20 is Special in Vancouver

April 20 is the global day to recognize the world’s cannabis culture. We have been hosting 4/20 in Vancouver since 1995. Come enjoy this unique combination of protest, celebration, and farmers’ market!

Dont Tax Medicine Rally


Join us outside Finance Minister Bill Morneau‘s constituency office (in Toronto) on Friday January 26th, where we’ll make it clear that taxing medical cannabis is wrong.

Patients across Canada have spoken. Medical cannabis, like all other prescription medicines in Canada, should be tax-exempt.

The federal government’s proposal to apply sin taxes to medical cannabis will disadvantage Canadians seeking relief from symptoms such as pain, insomnia, and seizures. With a lack of insurance coverage and GST/HST already applied to medical cannabis, this proposal will lead to further affordability challenges for patients.

CFAMM and patients across the country have met with elected officials to relay the concerns of the over 200,000 Canadian cannabis patients and their families. But the government has failed to change the proposed policy.

To learn more about the campaign, and to take action, visit our website: https://donttaxmedicine.ca/

More protest details to come.