Cannabis Extraction Workshop


Karen Yves Quinto completed her Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and has seven years of experience in microbiology and chemistry research. She entered the medical cannabis industry in extraction and formulation process and development. Karen is currently the Chief Science Officer at Iron Sight Industries, an Oregon-based Hemp farm and extraction facility spearheading the Extraction Department and researching current and future hemp sciences and processes for extraction optimization and innovation, including Research & Development activities pertaining to medical products. Karen has guest lectured for University of Toronto and Ryerson University on cannabis extraction.

Cannabis Extraction is a method of selective separation of cannabinoids and other desired compounds from the plant matter using physical or chemical techniques. In the industry, many types of extraction methods are commonly found, although CO2 extraction is the most commonly used in the Canadian legal market due to its solventless nature.

With special focus on supercritical extractions, this workshop will guide the attendee through the extraction processes found in a typical LP, from the milling of the plant material to the final formulated product. Here you will:

Learn about extraction technologies and a summary of each type
Learn about the supercritical phase of CO2 and its use as an extraction solvent
Perform a simulation of common extraction processes, such as weighing and preparing concentrated cannabinoid samples for HPLC sample preparation, calculating %yield, and other downstream post-extraction processes

Underground Cafe 420


This Wednesday! We’re back with another round of The Underground Comedy Show at @420cannabiscourt!

This lineup is SO GOOD! We’ve got a fun crew of Underground favs, all of which were instrumental in helping the club and yours truly Puff Mama with shiny white light over the last few months of darkness.



Ghanafest brings Canada’s multicultural community together promoting diversity. showcasing rich culture and heritage of Ghana.Taste of Ghana presents traditional foods, cultural performers, performance from local artists within Canada,and International.

Free Live Webinar: Cannabis Home Cultivation


Join AAPS for a free live webinar on growing at home and learn the keys to success when it comes to cultivating cannabis at home legally

Who should attend:
Cannabis industry participants including employers and employees, those who are interested in joining the industry and in cultivating cannabis at home, licensed applicants, and suppliers to the industry.

Titans Of Rock 2020 Lineup


Former performers include, Gene Simmons Band, Whitesnake, Bret Michaels, Vince Neil, Loverboy, April Wine and many more iconic classic rock bands.
CannaFest Music Festival was re-branded into Titans Of Rock for 2020 and beyond. With the new cannabis legislation in Canada the trademarked logo and all advertising of the music festival suddenly became illegal. After many months of negotiating with rock legend Gene SImmons, the founder of CannaFest entered into a contract with Mr. Simmons and together they are bringing you Titans Of Rock 2020.

Cannabis Tissue Culture


Plant tissue culture is a group of methods in which plant fragments, seeds, or individual cells may be used to propagate genetically identical offspring. Although not new to the plant sciences, tissue culture has been rapidly gaining popularity in the cannabis sector due to its ability to produce large numbers of identical plants under sterile laboratory conditions.

The cannabis industry is bringing in a lot of career opportunities to the Canadian market and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada. The rapid growth of tissue culture in the cannabis industry means there is a need for knowledgeable individuals to work in the managerial and technical roles. This workshop will give attendees a comprehensive look into tissue culture and its applications in cannabis production. Topics will include:

Cannabis Retail Operations and Management


The Cannabis Act establishes that provincial, territorial and municipal governments will determine the framework for the retail distribution of cannabis. As a result of each province creating their own retail model, a patchwork system has formed across Canada with different rules and regulations depending on what province and municipality you plan to operate in.

Opportunities to establish private cannabis retail businesses will be available in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador. Applications for a cannabis retail licence will be primarily handled by the liquor and gaming control boards of each province. It is important for potential retailers to properly prepare themselves in order to ensure that they will successfully obtain the required licence(s) and authorization.

This workshop will help guide you through the application process including the form and manner for submitting an application for a Cannabis Operator Licence and Store Authorization in Ontario and the information that is required to be submitted. A thorough overview of the Cannabis Retail Act will be provided focusing on the Registrar’s standards that have been established. This includes store and security requirements, advertising and promotional restrictions, required staff training, background checks, record keeping and documentation practices, and maintaining compliance with the federal cannabis tracking system.

420 Cannabis Court


420 Cannabis Court is an inclusive and accessible space that does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, religion, or disability. BIPOC, LGBTQ2IA, and/or disabled candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. This is a paid gig.

Deadline to submit audition tapes is July 25, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

Live cannabis-friendly comedy sparks up on Spadina – Now Magazine


New Heights Virtual Canna-Tourism Summit


We would like to welcome all attendees to this inaugural Virtual Canna-Tourism Summit. We will set expectations for the Summit and introduce you to the functionality of the virtual conference to help you get the most out of the experience.

Online Baking Workshop: Dipped Donuts


Nobody can say no to donuts! Join me for an afternoon online as I show you step by step how to make colourful dipped donuts! They’re fabulous and very simple to make. No baking involved here, just frying! I’ll teach you how to make super soft donuts and how course I’ll show you how to make different colours of the glaze. You don’t wanna miss this workshop!

This is a 1 hour online workshop. The recipe card and Zoom conferencing link will be sent to you via email shortly after registration but I’ve included the ingredients and tools we’ll be using below.


Icing Sugar
Edible colours