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After years of healthy returns, the stock markets are poised to deliver another solid year of profits. While the turmoil in Washington, London, and Ottawa continue unabated, markets have been steadily moving higher, although markets remain volatile. And that’s why you should join your fellow investors and traders at The MoneyShow Toronto, because only by keeping abreast of the latest market intelligence can you ensure that you protect your portfolio gains, while identifying new growth opportunities.

The MoneyShow Toronto will provide you with one-stop access to the best minds in the financial world and the opportunity to learn their insights and strategies—all designed to help you grow your investment portfolio and achieve your long-term financial objectives.
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Money in Weed Investor Event



IKONA hosts insightful, fun and high energy events for the awesome go-getter investors. It’s an event that you can truly connect with each other, exchange ideas, get educated and together discover a world of money making opportunities. Many lucrative opportunities might be out of sight but within grasp by all investors (not just accredited investors). Our goal is to find them, show you and build an incredible community at the same time.

In our next event in Vancouver, Money in Weed Investor Event, you will meet Cannabis companies with serious money making potentials. Some companies are going IPO soon and some companies have just been in the hiding – all with lucrative investment opportunities.

We are building a high energy and awesome community. Not only do we WANT you to join, we NEED you. Our community is strengthen by your energy, curiosity and ideas that each of you bring to the table. Join us now.