NICHE Canada Presents: Cannabis & the FilipinX Community – 2019 Dialogue Series


NICHE Canada is proud to host a new dialogue series focused on bringing evidence based cannabis education and grounded dialogue to various ethno-cultural communities in Canada. Our first forum in our 2019 series will be held in Scarborough, Ontario, highlighting the vibrant FilipinX community. Join us July 16th at Malvern Toronto Public Library as we 1) discuss and break down the Cannabis Act and legalization from a public health perspective, 2) highlight the experiences of FilipinX community members, and how culture and history intersect with our perceptions about cannabis, and 3) explore opportunities to engage with and participate in the developing cannabis space.

The forum will begin with a “Cannabis 101” overview, delivered by NICHE members Abigail Sampson (Board of Directors), and Dr. Jenna Valleriani (CEO). Following this introduction, our all-star panel will be moderated by Dr. Terry Lake, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Hexo Corp, and former Health Minister in British Columbia. Our panel will feature:

Historically and culturally, cannabis has been a taboo topic among Filipinx. However, with many Filipinx working in industries that will be impacted by the cannabis legalization (e.g., healthcare, hospitality, food and service, etc.) education is imperative. Our aim is for our audience to walk away with a greater understanding of cannabis and the laws, in order to promote evidence based community conversations, empowerment in their knowledge and to encourage them to explore potential ways they can get involved. We aim to create a safe, stigma-free venue that encourages open dialogue.

Light refreshments and snacks will be served.

We look forward to welcoming you on July 16th, 2019!


7:00 – Welcome
7:10-7:30 – Cannabis 101 – Presented by NICHE (Abigail Sampson & Dr. Jenna Valleriani)
7:30-9:00 – Panel discussion

ICCI Webinar: Making Cannabis Safer and Better with Dr. Ethan Russo


The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute is proud to present its first online webinar with Dr. Ethan Russo, Making Cannabis Safer and Better. Our webinars are designed to share our expertise on cannabis, and provide insight to enthusiasts, patients and medical professionals.

During the seminar presented by Dr. Russo, you will learn the following:

Details on cannabis preparations, components, and pitfalls in cultivation
Best practices and selective breeding for cannabis composition
Applications of cannabis for treating a variety of conditions, including information on dosage and methods of administration

Cannabis laws are loosening in most parts of the world. Many hurdles remain pertaining to the quality, consistency, safety and efficacy of its production and processing. These include proper cultivation techniques, avoiding pesticide and heavy metal contaminants, and selecting cannabis varieties with the most efficacious components for medical use. This webinar will present detailed information on the cultivation and composition of cannabis, and will address how specific cannabis preparations are produced and used to treat a range of medical conditions.

The length of the webinar is two hours. It will start with a one and a half hour presentation by Dr. Russo, followed by 30 minutes for questions and open discussion.

The webinar takes place on the 9th of April, 2019 at:

10:00 AM EST
11:00 AM EDT
17:00 CEST

You can register for the webinar at the following link for 30 euro: ICCI Webinars