Legalized Cannabis 1.50 in 2020


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Legalized 1.50 +

Legalized cannabis 1.50 in 2020

Tickets go on sale December 15, 2019 at

bongsandsuch.ca and hemproots.ca ONLY!

What 2020 looks like at Alberta 420, Calgary 420, Canada 420, Edmonton 420 and NORML Canada

Speaker Keith Fagin to put an end to claims he has or is retired from 420 advocacy and educating and so much more!

Award provided by and to be presented to Keith Fagin by Saskatoon’s Jeff Lundstrom – owner Skunk Funk Smoker’s Emporium and organizer annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup.

Professional comedians Jame Moore and friends including Stan Thomson!

James Moore Comedy Monday Night – western Canada’s longest running open-mic comedy show!

Raffle off brand new custom glass bong valued at $950.00, Tickets $5.00 each
Created by Red Beard – Great Canadian Glass Gathering

Pictures provided by creator Red Beard – See new custom bong pictures here

Vaporizers available for use on site, bring up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flowers to share freely and legally.

Free pressing rosin services available on site.

NO cannabis or alcohol products for sale on site!!







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Tickets go on sale December 15, 2019 at

bongsandsuch.ca and hemproots.ca ONLY!

Legalized 1.50 poster

Tickets go on sale December 15, 2019 at

bongsandsuch.ca and hemproots.ca ONLY!

Cannabis Industry Networking: Women & Allies of the GTHA


It’s been a big year of growth for Canadian provinces in cannabis, and it’s time we took a breath. On Monday, December 16, CannaWrite along with other industry partners is pleased to invite women and industry allies to the “Cannabis Industry Networking: Women and Allies of the GTHA.” This event will be an opportunity for us to get together and share our journeys over the last year, while making important connections within the Ontario cannabis scene that will help move cannabis forward nationally. This is a 19+ event.

It’s time to break bread and make space to have important (and even difficult) conversations about how we can lift up and champion the successes, plans, dreams and hopes of womxn in this industry. In the true spirit of sisterhood, community and wellness, let’s come together over our shared love for this incredible plant! Event organizers are deeply committed to creating a safe(r) space for all attendees, especially those who are often most marginalized from these spaces and conversations, including gender diverse folks, BIPOC and those whose experiences are rooted in the legacy market.

Highlights of the night will include:

– A “pot”luck holiday dinner (including turkey and fixings!) and cash bar

– Silent auction (supporting women-serving agencies in Hamilton)

– Panel Discussion on “The Future of Medical and Retail Cannabis 2.0” featuring the following brilliant women:

Ashley Hall – Owner of Merry Meltaways

Olivia Brown – Owner of Professional Cannabis Consulting

Anne-Marie Fischer – Founder, Head Writer & Educator, Director of Client Development for CannaWrite

Tammi Stanhope, Ontario Editor for High! Canada Magazine

Jacqui Childs – Award-Winning Influencer, Speaker, Podcaster, Author, Cannabis Advocate and Activist

Angela Westelaken (moderator) – Owner of Original Product Cannabis + Concentrates and Director of Client Relations Management and Growth Stragegist at Professional Cannabis Consulting

Cannabis Micro Licence Application Process and Requirements


Although security requirements are less demanding in comparison to obtaining a Standard Cultivation/Processing Licence, the application process to acquire a Micro Licence under the Cannabis Act can still be complicated and requires undergoing a strict and thorough review by Health Canada. Applicants must ensure that the information provided in the application is detailed and accurate and clearly demonstrates that they are compliant with all the requirements of the Act.

Health Canada, GPP, and GMP Compliant Facility Design and Build


Based on the recent announcement by Health Canada, prospective applicants of a cannabis cultivation, processing or medical sales licences are required to have fully built regulatory-compliant facilities prior to the review and processing of the application. It is now imperative that your site and floor design is regulatory compliant prior to build-out. Additionally, in order to obtain GMP compliant status from the European regulatory agencies, specific building design and materials for your operational area are required

Hydrocarbons and Ethanol Based Extracts


Hydrocarbon and Ethanol based extracts and the processes which produce them will be a significant component to the second part of Canadian cannabis legalization (also known as “Legalization 2.0”), coming October 17th, 2019. This next wave of new and exciting cannabis products will bring a variety of new extract products to market, some that have gained popularity over the last several years in other legal markets, and some that are on the leading edge of cannabis product development.

CanEx Cannabis Investment Summit


The CanEx Cannabis Investment Summit brings together investors, bankers, lawyers, policymakers and healthcare professionals to offer unique insights into the legal cannabis industry and specifically to speak to investment opportunities. The event features a range of subject matter-oriented toward exposing investors to considering investments directly into businesses, equities and/or into funds that specialize in the industry.

Cannabiz Tourism: Strategies 2020


Learn about the emerging Canadian Cannabis Tourism industry and what you can do to position your business to capitalize on market trends.
About this Event

On October 17, 2018, Canada legalized recreational cannabis. In July 2019, only 10-months later, the Canadian Cannabis Industry added $8.26 billion to Canada’s GDP and grew 185%.

So what does the future of Cannabis Legalization mean for Canada’s Hospitality & Tourism industry? For Prince Edward Island?

This event will:

• Define what “Cannabis Tourism” is

• Provide an overview of the Canadian Cannabis Industry

• Discuss emerging cannabis tourism strategies in Canada and abroad

• Explore strategies for businesses in Prince Edward Island

This session is designed for hospitality and tourism owners, managers and Government employees in Prince Edward Island. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Must be 19 years of age or older to attend.

– – – About the Speaker – – –

Island entrepreneur, investor and small-business owner, Shaman Ferraro is the CEO of Gocanna, a cannabis tourism consulting and education service. In August 2018, Shaman was the first person to provide analytical data and project the potential $2B economic value of cannabis tourism industry in Canada. Recognized as a Cannabis Tourism Expert, he has been a featured speaker on the subject at conferences across Canada.

Shaman is also an experienced ‘cannabis event planner’, having successfully hosted PEI’s first recreational cannabis event on October 19, 2018 – 2 days after legalization – as well as PEI’s first cannabis conference in May 2019, The Atlantic Cannabis Conference & Expo.

Combining traditional hospitality and tourism with opportunities in the emerging cannabis industry, Shaman is a leader in comprehensively understanding unique solutions that maximize the customer experience, the value of commercial services and the economic return for business owners in the emerging and niche markets.

FUN FACT: Shaman was interviewed live by CTV NEWS Toronto on October 17, 2018 – the day cannabis was legalized in Canada!

Open Kitchen | How Do I Use That? | Cooking with Cannabis


With Canada’s recent legalization of cannabis, more and more people are interested in safely exploring its medicinal properties and recreational uses. But what if you are not a smoker? This class, with instructor Eli Silverthorne, will teach you how to create delicious, perfectly dosed marijuana edible recipes in your home kitchen! You will learn how to include the correct cannabis oil breakdown, decarboxylation, the benefits of infused butter versus oil, how to store your infusion, and how to make cannabis calculations when cooking. Perfect for anyone curious about cooking with cannabis at home.


Infused Fats: Butter & Oils
Chimichurri for Steak
Pesto for Pasta
Hollandaise for Eggs
Vinaigrette for Salads
Baked Brownies

PLEASE NOTE: These recipes have been developed using infused products, however the dishes cooked and tasted during class will NOT use cannabis-infused ingredients.

Safety regulations require students wear closed toe shoes when participating in any cooking class.

This class has a maximum capacity of 16 students.

Students for this class must be at least 19 years old. Please be prepared to present government issued ID as proof of age.

Participants will be provided with an apron and all necessary tools and equipment.

Menus, recipes and instructors are subject to change as required.

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 | Vancouver


Ready for the next level? Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 builds on the skills and knowledge learned in Level 1. We go deeper into blind identification, honing our sensory recognition and understanding of mono and sesquiterpenes and modern hybrids. Get ready for a serious level up!

Visit www.CannaReps.ca for more information. Plus check out our upcoming event, the Collector’s Cup!