Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 | Toronto


If you’re a beginner who’s curious about the budding industry, a dispensary worker who’s looking to brush up on cannabis product knowledge, or an entrepreneur looking to expand their knowledge, this course is the right answer for you. We give you solid, proven, evidence-based data that is as up to date as possible so you leave the class with all the right information to make the right decision for you.

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Conscious Cannabis: Microdosing with Mary J


Canada legalized cannabis for personal use nearly 1 year ago, making cannabis, especially CBD and vaping, hot topics. Close on its heels is the concept of microdosing.

If you’re curious about why cannabis has recently been legalized, how you can benefit from cannabis, and how we navigate cannabis consumption in this new era, please join me to learn about conscious cannabis consumption.

Beginning with a presentation on existing stereotypes about cannabis, we’ll explore how cannabis got its reputation, bust some common cannabis myths and see how society is shifting its perspective.

This will lead us to learn about the cannabis practice of microdosing:
* What does it mean to microdose cannabis?
* Why is microdosing beneficial?
* How to develop a microdosing practice?

I’ll then address your cannabis questions and concerns in an open and stigma-free dialogue. You’ll leave with a better understanding about cannabis, how to consume responsibly and how it is being used to benefit everyday people.

My goal: to help you learn how to create an intentional, mindful, healthy relationship with cannabis.

The Estrogen and Cannabis/CBD Connection


Scientists and doctors are noting that the chemical compounds in cannabis can affect women differently than men.

Why? Because of our estrogen. We need to be talking about this!

Join Ellementa CEO, Aliza Sherman, and Dr. Junella Chin to learn about the ways estrogen (or lack thereof) might modify the effects of cannabis and how you might need to change the way.

Get answers to these questions and more!

~~ How does estrogen come into play when women consume cannabis?

~~ What other hormones could affect how cannabis works?

~~ How can women change the way they consume cannabis to account for hormonal changes?

Ellementa is a community of women, like you, seeking better health and wellness through natural plant remedies.

We produce webinars and online events chock-full of information that can transform your life.

ECS Fundamentals


ECS Education is the missing link in understanding Endocrine dysfunction. We off Cannabis Education that will shed light on the dynamics of these two systems and how they synergistically provide us with quality of life as we age. If you are a Healthcare practitioner this workshop is for you as we enter the age of legal Cannabis products.

SMLS Public Lecture – “Cannabis in Canada: Edibles and Other Updates”


The Canadian Institute of Resources Law invites you to attend a free public lecture entitled:

“Cannabis in Canada: Edibles and Other Updates”

This session will address upcoming changes to Canada’s cannabis laws, along with other developments that have occurred in the year since decriminalization. It will explore the new federal rules governing edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and topical cannabis, set to come into effect on October 17. The regulations address various issues, including the composition of these products, packaging, labeling, and the protection of young people. This session will also provide critiques of these new rules, the responses of provincial and municipal governments, and some of the anticipated policy challenges. Other important legal developments include the availability of pardons for those previously convicted of cannabis possession and a variety of provincial and municipal laws addressing such issues as taxation, private versus public sales, public consumption, and the legal age to possess cannabis. We will discuss the changing legal landscape, and critically evaluate how well cannabis laws are working. The session will end with a Q & A period for registered participants.

Lorian Hardcastle will be the presenter

Dr. Lorian Hardcastle is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, where she is also a member of the O’Brien Institute for Public Health. She obtained her J.D. with a Health Law and Policy Specialization Certificate from Dalhousie University, and her masters and doctorate from the University of Toronto. Her research interests include regulation and governance of the health care system, hospital and governmental liability and accountability, patient safety, health system organization and finance, comparative health policy, and the regulation of health professionals. Her work has been published in numerous legal and health policy journals including the Canadian Medical Association Journal, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Alberta Law Review, and Queen’s Law Journal.

UCannAcademy: Extracted


UCann: Extracted will be an event focusing on the anticipated regulation changes coming with Cannabis legalization 2.0. Topics will include extracts, edibles, beverages, topicals and craft cultivation.

Included in your tuition is a full breakfast, lunch, and cocktail hour with snacks and refreshments served throughout the day.

Ellementa London ON: CBD for Women’s Health


Let’s Talk About: Women’s Health – Peri-Menopause, Menopause and Cannabis
Women have been using cacientistnnabis for centuries for everything from aiding with pregnancy, labor and post-partum to uplifting mood and getting better sleep. Ss and doctors are noting that the chemical compounds in cannabis can affect women differently than men – because of our estrogen. We need to be talking about this!

At this Ellementa Gathering, you’ll learn:

~~ How estrogen levels impact how cannabis affects you.

~~ How cannabis and CBD are being used by women to alleviate peri-menopause and menopause symptoms.

~~ How cannabis and CBD are also being used to address specific women’s health issues such as menstrual cramps and endometriosis.

Bring any of your questions to this Ellementa Gathering. We’re a community of women, like you, seeking better health and wellness through natural plant remedies.

If you are looking to understand how cannabis interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness or simply feel better, this Gathering is for YOU.

Live Webinar – Sanitation Program for Cannabis Production – Cannabis Act


Course Overview:

Good Production Practices (GPP) of the Cannabis Act mandates that Licensed Producers ensure the cleanliness of the premises and equipment. Having effective sanitation and pre-operational Inspection procedures can minimize the risk of contamination of your product, ingredients, processing aids, packaging materials, and product contact surfaces.

It is therefore extremely important to understand the fundamental principle of sanitation procedures and to implement and use these procedures effectively. Lack of proper and validated cleaning and sanitation program can result in costly contamination, return of products, and recalls.

This course and workshop concentrate on three important aspects of an effective sanitation program; Premise, Equipment and Personnel. Participants are given a thorough understanding of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing procedures and their responsibilities, and why these are important parts of their (and not cleaners`) jobs.

Breaking Bud – Marketing, branding and expanding in BC’s cannabis industry


It’s been almost a year since Canada made history, becoming the largest federal jurisdiction on the planet to legalize cannabis consumption.

This massive policy shift legitimized a Canadian industry estimated to be worth $5 billion by 2021, while it simultaneously launched strict promotional and packaging regulations that ban (among other things) associating cannabis with “glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk, daring” or any marketing that could appeal to young people.

Join us on the one-year anniversary of legalization for a behind-the-scenes look at cannabis and how BC entrepreneurs have been blazing trails in this high-constraint, budding industry.

We’ll hear from Barinder Rasode, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grow Tech Labs, along with its Chief Marketing Officer Alex Troll on:

Planting Seeds: Strategies for effective marketing in the face of strict promotional regulations;

Being Blunt: Why authenticity is essential to strong cannabis brands;

Joint Efforts: How collaboration is making BC cannabis competitive;

Cultivating Diversity: Accelerating growth for women and indigenous-led cannabis companies.