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Top 5 Reasons Environmental Monitoring Will Save Your Cannabis Business


Our guest speakers from Keystone Labs will walk you through the tools, costs, and positive outcomes associated with an optimized Environmental Monitoring (EM) program for your cannabis facility.
By testing the environment where plants, oils, and products are grown and manufactured, you can prevent and control the spread of inevitable bacteria. Fungal and bacteria spores thrive in moist environments so identifying and eliminating source hot spot of contamination is crucial.

Live Webinar – Sanitation Program for Cannabis Production – Cannabis Act


Course Overview:

Good Production Practices (GPP) of the Cannabis Act mandates that Licensed Producers ensure the cleanliness of the premises and equipment. Having effective sanitation and pre-operational Inspection procedures can minimize the risk of contamination of your product, ingredients, processing aids, packaging materials, and product contact surfaces.

It is therefore extremely important to understand the fundamental principle of sanitation procedures and to implement and use these procedures effectively. Lack of proper and validated cleaning and sanitation program can result in costly contamination, return of products, and recalls.

This course and workshop concentrate on three important aspects of an effective sanitation program; Premise, Equipment and Personnel. Participants are given a thorough understanding of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing procedures and their responsibilities, and why these are important parts of their (and not cleaners`) jobs.