Hempfest Calgary



Check out our short video above from the show floor to see for yourselves! Hempfest Canada has a variety of exhibitors, speakers and demonstrations that are guaranteed to provide information for safer cannabis use!


More info: www.hempfestCUP.com

Mom’s Marijuana Time


Calling all Marijuana Moms. Are you a mother who consumes THC, CBD + other Cannabinoids?Join WOCC for a discussion on Motherhood & Cannabis

Calling all Marijuana Moms. Are you a mother who consumes THC, CBD and other Cannabinoids? Are you trying to break the stigma of what a “good mom” and “pot smoker” looks like? Join Marijuana mom, CEO & Founder of; PDubz HighBevs and the Brooklyn Kollective and the Co-Founder of WOCC, Patricia Wright for a discussion on Cannabis + Motherhood. Join Pat, other Marijuana moms and Mompreneurs for an informal discussion for Moms who smoke.

The Annual Toronto Global Marijuana March


The Annual Toronto Global Marijuana March take place at Queen’s Park North, south of Bloor St and University Ave

Join the parade that goes across Bloor Street, down Yonge Street, across College St and up University avenue, back to Queen’s Park North

Muskoka Grown x Sawdust City


We will go through the difference between THC and CBD, indica & sativa and discuss the different terpene. We’ll also be answering your budding questions about cannabis consumption methods, strain selection and more.

After our information session we’ll host Joint Rolling 101.

While age is just a number, you must be 19+ to attend this event. There will be no cannabis or cannabis products available onsite.

Legalized Cannabis 1.50 in 2020


KF420.ca production events division presents

Legalized 1.50 +

Legalized cannabis 1.50 in 2020

Tickets go on sale December 15, 2019 at

bongsandsuch.ca and hemproots.ca ONLY!

What 2020 looks like at Alberta 420, Calgary 420, Canada 420, Edmonton 420 and NORML Canada

Speaker Keith Fagin to put an end to claims he has or is retired from 420 advocacy and educating and so much more!

Award provided by and to be presented to Keith Fagin by Saskatoon’s Jeff Lundstrom – owner Skunk Funk Smoker’s Emporium and organizer annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup.

Professional comedians Jame Moore and friends including Stan Thomson!

James Moore Comedy Monday Night – western Canada’s longest running open-mic comedy show!

Raffle off brand new custom glass bong valued at $950.00, Tickets $5.00 each
Created by Red Beard – Great Canadian Glass Gathering

Pictures provided by creator Red Beard – See new custom bong pictures here

Vaporizers available for use on site, bring up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flowers to share freely and legally.

Free pressing rosin services available on site.

NO cannabis or alcohol products for sale on site!!







Tickets have added benefits of discounts at retail stores.

Tickets go on sale December 15, 2019 at

bongsandsuch.ca and hemproots.ca ONLY!

Legalized 1.50 poster

Tickets go on sale December 15, 2019 at

bongsandsuch.ca and hemproots.ca ONLY!

Cannabis Conference & Expo Winnipeg


Cannabis Conference & Expo Winnipeg, Manitobia

With the advancement of legalization, the Cannabis Expo is an important step in showing the world the professionalism and maturity of the expanding industry. Join industry leaders from across Canada in an interactive forum educating on the latest technology, research and benefits of cannabis. Don’t miss comprehensive networking opportunities while exploring industry related exhibits as we build the foundation for the future of Cannabis in Canada.

CBD & Your Pet with Dr. Angie


Can you give CBD to your pet? What about Cannabis?

Dogs, cats, and even birds have Endocannabinoid Systems. All mammals can be affected positively, but also adversely, by the chemical compounds contained in the cannabis plant.

If your pet is experiencing anxiety or pain, CBD could be helpful. But how much do you administer? And what should you do if your pet gets into your cannabis?

Ellementa CEO, Aliza Sherman, speaks with Dr. Angie Krause, DVM, CVA, CCRT of Boulder Holistic Vet in Boulder, CO. This is the perfect webinar for any pet lover or pet caregiver!

Conscious Cannabis: Microdosing with Mary J


Canada legalized cannabis for personal use nearly 1 year ago, making cannabis, especially CBD and vaping, hot topics. Close on its heels is the concept of microdosing.

If you’re curious about why cannabis has recently been legalized, how you can benefit from cannabis, and how we navigate cannabis consumption in this new era, please join me to learn about conscious cannabis consumption.

Beginning with a presentation on existing stereotypes about cannabis, we’ll explore how cannabis got its reputation, bust some common cannabis myths and see how society is shifting its perspective.

This will lead us to learn about the cannabis practice of microdosing:
* What does it mean to microdose cannabis?
* Why is microdosing beneficial?
* How to develop a microdosing practice?

I’ll then address your cannabis questions and concerns in an open and stigma-free dialogue. You’ll leave with a better understanding about cannabis, how to consume responsibly and how it is being used to benefit everyday people.

My goal: to help you learn how to create an intentional, mindful, healthy relationship with cannabis.

The Estrogen and Cannabis/CBD Connection


Scientists and doctors are noting that the chemical compounds in cannabis can affect women differently than men.

Why? Because of our estrogen. We need to be talking about this!

Join Ellementa CEO, Aliza Sherman, and Dr. Junella Chin to learn about the ways estrogen (or lack thereof) might modify the effects of cannabis and how you might need to change the way.

Get answers to these questions and more!

~~ How does estrogen come into play when women consume cannabis?

~~ What other hormones could affect how cannabis works?

~~ How can women change the way they consume cannabis to account for hormonal changes?

Ellementa is a community of women, like you, seeking better health and wellness through natural plant remedies.

We produce webinars and online events chock-full of information that can transform your life.