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#164 Activist Keith Fagin – A Sensible Approach

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My interview with #Calgary-based activist & educator Keith Fagin (@kf420) is up! His stories are awesome, his perspective is even better. I hope you enjoy

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Old guard cannabis activists rally to support Keith Fagin, one of their own

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2010 occupation of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Calgary constituency office

December 20, 2019

‘Keith represents the type of person who made cannabis law reform happen in Canada,’ says Jodie Emery

John Conroy met Fagin while they were both working together at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Canadian Chapter in the early ’70s. Conroy went on to serve as NORML Canada‘s president and Fagin became its regional director for the prairies.

“This man deserves support from all of the people he’s helped and for all of the great work he’s done in Alberta⁠ — both him and his wife Debbie,” Conroy said. “I was very sad to see what had happened to him and felt he was very deserving of getting the stuff he needs to get mobile again.”

Dana Larsen

Keith Fagin is a cannabis hero and he needs our help now.

Please donate a few bucks to help out.

Fagin has been involved in the modern cannabis movement since its early days, said Dana Larsen, director of the Vancouver Dispensary Society.

Fagin helped found one of the country’s first compassion clubs, Calgary 420, Larsen said. He was always willing to talk about why Canada needed to legalize cannabis and defend the culture — and then once legalization happened, Fagin was ready to educate people about how flawed the system still is.

NORML Canada Launches Post-Legalization Platform

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NORML Canada
October 11, 2019 08:30 ET | Source: NORML Canada –

NORML Canada launches official Post-Legalization platform to focus advocacy efforts on reforming Canada’s legal Cannabis system.

In light of the first year of legalization, NORML Canada has monitored the Canadian cannabis landscape closely, to determine the next steps for crafting achievable and functional reform of cannabis regulations.

The five key “pillars” established by NORML Canada are designed to help focus organizational resources to support our ongoing government and public outreach.

1) Increased Access
Our goal is to ensure consumers have ease of access to legal cannabis products, access to medical dispensaries, access to world-class product options, as well as access to affordable legal options.

2) Transitioning “Unregulated Market” into the legal framework
Creating avenues for the current unlicensed market to be welcomed as part of the legal cannabis industry in order to achieve the government’s stated goal of disincentivizing the illicit market.

3) Social discrimination protections
Putting in place protective regulations that remove stigma barriers and consequences for consumers in the workplace, housing, and family.

4) US relations – border & banking
Ensuring international respect for Canada’s sovereign laws. Removal of any unnecessary international banking/travel barriers for legal business and cannabis entrepreneurs.

​​5) Expungement, apologies, reparations & beyond
Government must acknowledge the fact that cannabis laws were historically unjust and discriminatory in the first place.

NORML Canada invites the public and press to join us at the historic Hotbox Lounge on Oct 17th, from 4-7pm to launch the new official platform, and to discuss the year-to-date.

NORML Canada proudly welcomes our sister chapter to the South – NORML Michigan, to share insights on Michigan’s newly passed legal recreational cannabis bill. Our combined goals are to understand how we can learn from and collaborate with one another.

About NORML Canada

NORML Canada is a non-profit, public interest, member operated and funded group, chartered at the federal level in Canada since 1978. US NORML advocates for consumers rights to access high quality, safe, convenient & affordable cannabis. NORML was founded in California, 1970.

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Lottery: Summary of lottery entries received by region August 20, 2019

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Allocation Lottery: Topline Results

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
As set out in Ontario Regulation 468/18, the Government of Ontario gave the AGCO the mandate to hold an Allocation Lottery to determine who may apply for a Retail Operator Licence. The Lottery selection was completed on August 20, 2019 at 12:19pm EDT.

Medical Federal Dispensary – Patient Questionnaire – Final

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John W. Conroy QC:


I am attaching a “Patient Questionnaire” that I would ask all of you to send to all patients that you are aware of or are in contact with so that we can determine if there is a good satisfactory evidentiary basis for commencing an action in the Federal Court of Canada Trial Division seeking a declaration that “medical dispensary/compassion clubs” are an essential part of providing “reasonable access” for “medically approved patients” and the failure to provide for them in Part 14 of the Cannabis Act regulations is resulting in the violation of the ‘security of the person’ of these patients in an arbitrary manner contrary to s. 7 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that the regulations are unconstitutional to that extent and seeking an Order that they be amended accordingly.


Please copy on any emails you send to the patient’s or others that are not already on this list that you think may have contact with patients so that we can keep our contact list up-to-date and anticipate which patients we may also hear from sending completed questionnaires to that email address instead of lawyer or law firm addresses.

Download Medical Federal Dispensary – Patient Questionnaire (doc here) or (pdf here)

John W. Conroy QC
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