The 12th Great Canadian Glass Gathering

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Hey Folks!! I hope y’all are well, and Gettin’ to Work!! We are looking at Gathering together next summer, in Birken, July 5,6,7 2019! If you have ideas on how to make the event better, please email me! I would like to see this event continually evolve and improve, becoming more professional and focussed on Glass and Family. Lewis Wilson and his wife Barb are coming this next year, who else should we Invite? Are you able to teach a class , or do a demo? Contact Redbeard. Let’s do this! #gettoworkeh

The 12th Great Canadian Glass Gathering

Legalize Summit

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Learn. Connect. Inspire.
A community-driven event focused on the impact of cannabis legalization and shaping the future of the cannabis industry

Legalization 1.0 is finally here! Listen to those who got us to this point share insight into the future of the industry. Our expert speakers will help you navigate through compliance laws set at each government tier and share best practices and thought leadership to help you maximize profits in this new era. Don’t miss out, make sure you purchase a VIP ticket to get reserved preferred seating.


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As the Canadian Cannabis Industry continues to gain momentum so does the Cannabis & Hemp Expo’s. Now we turn our attention to the 3rd Annual Calgary & Edmonton Expos this spring. Whether you are selling product, looking for exposure or just networking, these are can’t miss events!

Join us in Alberta where business growth and networking opportunities await!
Applications available in the links below:

Calgary March 9th & 10th, BMO Centre

Edmonton April 27th & 28th, Edmonton Expo


Please contact us!

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Cannabis & Hemp Expo

Our mailing address is:
#201, 7710 – 5th Street SE
Calgary AB
2TH 2L9

Live Webinar – Good Production Practices (GPP) and Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Cannabis Industry – Canada & Europe

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In order to ensure appropriate and consistent quality of medicinal/herbal substances, it is necessary to establish good practices in growing, harvesting, and processing operations. Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Products Regulations (ACMPR) requires Licensed Producers to implement and adhere to Good Production Practices (GPP). In Europe, European Medicinal Agency (EMEA) requires adherence to Good Agricultural and collection Practices (GACP) for growing and harvesting. Both GACP and GPP are designed to ensure full traceability back to the seed source for each crop. Following GACP and GPP standards ensures that only the highest quality plants are grown and harvested.



Analytical Tests, Microbial and chemical contaminants and pest control products
Sanitation Program – Premise, Equipment, Personnel
Standard Operating Procedures
Recall and Recall Reporting
Quality Assurance
Retained Samples
Adverse Reactions and Adverse Reactions Reporting


Personnel and Education
Buildings and Facilities
Seeds and Propagation material
Storage and Distribution


For more information please visit: www.aaps.ca

2019 Vancouver Expo

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Industry Day
Friday, January 11, 2019, 10 AM – 5 PM

Consumer Weekend
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, January 13, 2019, 11 AM – 4 PM

Live Webinar – Cannabis Retail Application Process and Requirements

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Course Overview:

The Cannabis Act establishes that provincial, territorial and municipal governments will determine the framework for the retail distribution of cannabis. As a result of each province determining their own retail model, a patchwork system has formed across Canada with different rules and regulations depending on what province and municipality you plan to operate in. Opportunities to establish private cannabis retail businesses will be available in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador. Applications for a Cannabis Retail Licence will be primarily handled by the liquor and gaming control boards of each province.

Although the application process in each province will be slightly different in terms of store, security, reporting and application requirements, best practices and what to expect when submitting an application can still be deduced. Even without full clarity on what regulations will look like in Ontario, many potential retailers are already trying to prepare themselves to ensure that they will successfully obtain the required licence(s) and authorization.

This webinar discusses the application process including the form and manner for submitting an application for a Cannabis Retail Licence in Ontario and the information that is required to be submitted.

Webinar Outline:

Cannabis Retail Landscape Across the Provinces
Cannabis Licence Act
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS)
Person Interested In (Shareholders, Directors, Officers, Control, Financing)
Retail Operator Licence
Retail Store Authorization
Municipal Zoning Restrictions, Opt In/Out
Store Restrictions
LP Restrictions
Public Notice
Retail Manager Licence
Functions and Responsibilities
Additional Conditions
Ongoing Sale
Use of Seal
Minimum Pricing


Who Should Attend:

Cannabis industry professionals including employers and employees, those who are interested in obtaining a cannabis retail licence, working in a cannabis retail store or pro.

Live Webinar – Sanitation Program for Cannabis Production – Cannabis Act

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Online Webinar
Course Overview

Good Production Practices (GPP) of the Cannabis Act mandates that Licensed Producers ensure the cleanliness of the premises and equipment. Having effective sanitation and pre-operational Inspection procedures can minimize the risk of contamination of your product, ingredients, processing aids, packaging materials, and product contact surfaces.

It is therefore extremely important to understand the fundamental principle of sanitation procedures and to implement and use these procedures effectively. Lack of proper and validated cleaning and sanitation program can result in costly contamination, return of products, and recalls.

This course and workshop concentrate on three important aspects of an effective sanitation program; Premise, Equipment and Personnel. Participants are given a thorough understanding of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing procedures and their responsibilities, and why these are important parts of their (and not cleaners`) jobs.
Course Outline

Cannabis Regulations-Review Sanitation Requirement, Expectation and Current Guidance
What is Sanitation
Sanitation Program for
Sanitation Procedure (SOP) for
Sanitation Verification
Who, When, What, How
Sanitation Checklist
Pre-Operational Inspection
Sanitation Records
Role of QA
Training of Personnel
Cleaning Agents
Pest Control

Note: Course outline is subject to change without notice. Please check back regularly for updates.

Cova Software Events in Toronto

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Join Cova for a free one-day cannabis industry seminar designed to help you navigate the process of opening a cannabis retail store in Ontario. With sessions covering startup advice, compliance tips, and operational best practices. This seminar is an opportunity for industry professionals from across Ontario to learn from the Cova team.

We will host a full day seminar both in Toronto and Ottawa. Bring yourself. We’ll provide the rest. **Please make sure that each guest is registered to attend.

Event details below:

Seminar in Toronto

Date: December 12, 2018
Location: Holiday Inn Toronto-Yorkdale


10:00-11:30 a.m. How to Open a Cannabis Retail Store
Key cost of opening a cannabis store
How to apply for the license
What you need to include in your business plan
Tips to design a winning dispensary experience
1:00-2:30 p.m. The Basics of Compliance in Ontario
Top compliance issues and how to avoid them
What are taxes and how will they be applied in Ontario
3:00-4:30 p.m. Best Practices for Operating a Cannabis Store
Inventory management best practices
Metrics you need to measure to run a successful dispensary
How to recruit and manage employees

Our seminar combines Cova’s 20 years’ retail experiences with expertise from cannabis consultants, retail technologists, and retailers across US and Canada to help you successfully navigate this new industry.

Live Webinar – Cannabis Micro Licence Application Process and Requirements

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The Cannabis Act establishes that an application for one of the Micro Cultivation/Processing Licence must be filed with Health Canada in the form and manner specified by the Minister and must include the information required by the Minister.

Although security requirements are less demanding in comparison to obtaining a Standard Cultivation/Processing Licence, the application process to acquire a Micro Licence under the Cannabis Act can still be complicated and requires undergoing a strict and thorough review by Health Canada. Applicants must ensure that the information provided in the application is detailed and accurate and clearly demonstrates that they are compliant with all the requirements of the Act.

Course Outline:

Cannabis Micro Licence classes and subclasses
Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS)
Application process and steps
Application documentation requirements
Key positions, site personnel and security clearances
Site security plan
Organizational security plan
Site & building information
Good Production Practices (GPP) plan
Record keeping and reporting methods
QA person, master grower, head of security, head of client services, SPIC, RPIC
Notices to the local authorities
Approval process
Refusal and withdrawals
Changes to the application
Current licences transitions – Equivalent licences under the Cannabis Act
Application costs and Cost Recovery Proposals – fees

Who Should Attend:

Cannabis industry participants including employers and employees, those who are interested in joining the industry, licensed applicants, and suppliers to the industry.