Cannabis Career Festival

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Keynotes. Music. Education.
Jobs. Mixers. Life Options. 19+.
Not Your Average
Career Fair

The Cannabis Career Festival is an experiential event where you will engage with passionate cannabis professionals, business leaders, and educators.
It’s a festival for people who want to know more about options for one of their biggest life choices – their job.
If you’re interested in joining Canada’s fastest growing sector, this event is for you.

The 12th Great Canadian Glass Gathering

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Hey Folks!! I hope y’all are well, and Gettin’ to Work!! We are looking at Gathering together next summer, in Birken, July 5,6,7 2019! If you have ideas on how to make the event better, please email me! I would like to see this event continually evolve and improve, becoming more professional and focussed on Glass and Family. Lewis Wilson and his wife Barb are coming this next year, who else should we Invite? Are you able to teach a class , or do a demo? Contact Redbeard. Let’s do this! #gettoworkeh

The 12th Great Canadian Glass Gathering

Quality Assurance for Cannabis Certificate Program

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Full set of Quality Assurance for Cannabis training over 4 days!

Quality Assurance Fundamentals for Cannabis

Record Keeping for Cannabis

Writing Standard Operating Procedures for Cannabis

Complaints and Recalls for Cannabis

Sanitation Program for Cannabis Production

Live Webinar – Cannabis Micro Licence Application Process and Requirements

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Course Overview:

The Cannabis Act establishes that an application for one of the Micro Cultivation/Processing Licence must be filed with Health Canada in the form and manner specified by the Minister and must include the information required by the Minister.

Although security requirements are less demanding in comparison to obtaining a Standard Cultivation/Processing Licence, the application process to acquire a Micro Licence under the Cannabis Act can still be complicated and requires undergoing a strict and thorough review by Health Canada. Applicants must ensure that the information provided in the application is detailed and accurate and clearly demonstrates that they are compliant with all the requirements of the Act.

Legalized Summit

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Learn. Connect. Inspire.
A community-driven event focused on the impact of cannabis legalization and shaping the future of the cannabis industry

Legalization 1.0 is finally here! Listen to those who got us to this point share insight into the future of the industry. Our expert speakers will help you navigate through compliance laws set at each government tier and share best practices and thought leadership to help you maximize profits in this new era. Don’t miss out, make sure you purchase a VIP ticket to get reserved preferred seating.

The CCEN Medical Cannabis Summit

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The CCEN Medical Cannabis Summit is a one day conference open to all Clinicians and Researchers. We have assembled a lineup of guest speakers to help keep you informed and in touch with the medical cannabis field today. There is no cost to attend.

Learn how to integrate medical cannabis into your clinical practice
Learn how to support patients when having the “medical cannabis” conversation
Match strains and terpenes to desired therapeutic benefits
Understand the role of genetic testing with strain selection and dosing requirements

Plus much more.

* This is a FREE event is for Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists only.

Live Webinar The Cannabis Act including proposed edible, extracts and topicals

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Course Overview:

This webinar aims to summarize the Cannabis act that came into effect on Oct 17, 2018 and the proposed amendments on Cannabis edibles, concentrates and topicals that to come into effect no later than October 17, 2019. The webinar is to provide a practical understanding of:

Licenses, Permits and Authorization
Standard Cultivation
Standard Processing
Sale of Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis
Sale of Recreational Cannabis
Analytical Testing
Physical Security
Personnel Security
Good Production Practices
Cannabis Tracking System
Proposed Cannabis edibles, concentrates and topicals
Packaging and Labelling

Cannabis Extraction Workshop

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Cannabis Extraction is a method of selective separation of cannabinoids and other desired compounds from the plant matter using physical or chemical techniques.

With special focus on supercritical extractions, this workshop will guide the attendee through the extraction processes found in a typical LP, from the milling of the plant material to the final formulated product. Here you will:

Cannabis Tissue Culture Workshop

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Plant tissue culture is a group of methods in which plant fragments, seeds, or individual cells may be used to propagate genetically identical offspring. Although not new to the plant sciences, tissue culture has been rapidly gaining popularity in the cannabis sector due to its ability to produce large numbers of identical plants under sterile laboratory conditions.