Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo

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The founders and producers of Grow Up Conference and Expo have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors in all levels of Canadian government.

Veteran assemblers of forward-thinkers, their signature events includes the internationally-attended O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, Canadian Music Week, the Digital Media Summit, Radio Interactive Summit and the career-breaking CMW Music Festival. They produce myriad entertainment/media industry awards, including The Indies, The Canadian Radio Music Awards, advertising’s Crystal Awards, The Live Music Industry Awards and the annual Music Broadcast and Industry gala. They also have a two-decade-long relationship with Canada’s Juno Awards.

Boycott Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp

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The Ontario Liberals have allowed the LCBO to sell Cannabis and accessories through the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. The Cannabis community is being taken over by political gangsterism. We are being forced out of an industry by the people who rallied against us. We will not allow it.

When the OCRC location’s and the dates are announced, we will update

Cannabis & Hemp Expo Edmonton

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The Cannabis & Hemp Expo is an important step in showing the world the professionalism and maturity of the expanding cannabis industry. By getting involved you’ll be joining leading businesses from around the globe showcasing some of the best products and services the industry has to offer to thousands of eager and curious consumers

420 Events 2018

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International annual 420 events worldwide.
Assorted types of events from celebrations, rallies, festivals/music to smoke out protests!

4:19 to 4:20 one minute of silence for victims of prohibition / drug war.



Calgary420 Music and Arts Festival
EdmontonLegislative Assembly of Alberta
OttawaParliament of Canada
QuébecLegislative Assembly of Québec
ReginaLegislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
TorontoYonge & Dundas Square
WinnipegLegislative Assembly of Manitoba


Vapes – Up in Smoke

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Aurora & Andrea with NAC

Up in Smoke! Everything you need to know about Vaping.
In this class you will learn about a wide range of vaporizors available on the market today, what they do and how they work. Vaping also has different effects on the body than smoking or ingesting and has many benefits over smoking. There is also more involvement with set up/preparation, time and short term expenses…is vaping right for you? It is for MANY that choose non-smoking delivery. Get to know another method of administering medicinal cannabis!


Debunking reefer madness with some of the science, evidence and real world experiences.

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Cannabis and driving studies
June 22, 2017
American Journal of Public Health (ajph)
Crash Fatality Rates After Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Washington and Colorado. Evaluate motor vehicle crash fatality rates in the first 2 states and compare them with motor vehicle crash fatality rates in similar states without recreational marijuana legalization.
Automobile crash fatality rates in Washington and Colorado were no different from comparable states without legal recreational cannabis.


The U.S. Department of Transportation report suggests that while cannabis could potentially impair driving skills, its findings in other research suggest drivers under the influence of cannabis are actually more cautious. “Subjects in most of the simulator and instrumented-vehicle studies on marijuana are driving typically drive slower, follow other cars at greater distances and take fewer risks than when sober,” the report said.

2003 and 2007
Canada Safety Council
Drivers under the influence of cannabis are acutely aware of their impairment. They consciously try to drive more cautiously, by slowing down, focusing their attention and avoiding risks.

Cannabis and impaired driving studies
Sept. 2002 – June 2017
or PDF document http://calgary420.ca/pdf/driving/cannabis-impaired-driving-2017.pdf

Cannabis addiction
Business Insider – We took a scientific look at whether weed or alcohol is worse for you, deaths and addiction
: “More than 30,700 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes in 2014
There have been zero documented deaths from marijuana use alone.
Marijuana appears to be significantly less addictive than alcohol.”

Philippe Lucas, VP at Tilray, a research scholar with the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC, said cannabis dependency isn’t as severe as some make it out to be. Normally, people are able to give up cannabis on their own, compared to severe drugs,
Lucas, the lead author in a September 2015 study in the “International Journal of Drug Policy”, a peer-reviewed publication found medical cannabis can be a safe and successful substitution for other addictions to alcohol 25% reduction, 32% for opiates, 12% tobacco, and more. The study has been updated and published August 2017, “Rationale for cannabis-based interventions in the opioid overdose crisis” in the Harm Reduction Journal.

Organized crime
Canadian Drug Policy Coalition – Organized crime in the cannabis market:- Evidence and Implications
“2. Unsubstantiated media and police reports portray the cannabis industry as dominated by organized crime.”
“3. Evidence suggests a very low involvement of organized crime in the cannabis industry in Canada; the majority of those in the industry tend to be non-violent and have minimal, if any, involvement with other criminal activities

Mental Health
The University of Alberta, O’Brien Institute for Public Health, Dr. Elaine Hyshka; Assistant Professor, School of Public Health.
November 2017 Dr. Elaine Hyshka, “There are also people who claim that cannabis is going to basically damage your brain when you use it, especially if you’re young, and that it’s going to contribute to the intellectual downfall of a generation. And that’s also not true,” she said.

A Controlled Family Study of Cannabis Users with and without Psychosis Harvard study published in 2014:
Evidenced that teen cannabis consumption is not lead to the development of schizophrenia later in life. The study compared families with a history of schizophrenia to those without. The study also examined non-psychotic cannabis consumers and non-consuming participant controls.
The results of the current study suggest that having an increased familial morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the underlying basis for schizophrenia in cannabis users and not cannabis use by itself.

Also see real world experiences:
November 21, 2017
Washington governor John Horgan:
Don’t panic about legalized pot
The governor of is telling British Columbians to ignore most of the fear-mongering about the pending decriminalization of recreational pot in Canada.

April 2, 2017
Colorado governor John Hickenlooper:
“We had a lot of fears that we would see a real spike in teenage use, we would see real issues around edibles, a large increase in overall consumption,” the governor told Vassy Kapelos on this weekend’s edition of The West Block.
“And we haven’t seen any of that … We certainly look at (legalization) differently now than we did back then.”

Dr. Susan C. Boyd, a B.C. researcher’s books “Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow Ops, Media and Justice”. about how law enforcement and media are not telling the facts and “Reefer madness is governmental” Note: Dr. Susan C. Boyd is a member of Liberal government “Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation”

Safe Cannabis Gardens

Opioid & Medical Cannabis Education Event

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Networking event (8:30pm onward)

Understanding Medical Cannabis
Opioid & Cannabis dynamics
Applying the use of Medical Cannabis in Clinical Situations
Understanding upcoming recreational cannabis legalization July 1st 2018



6-6:10 pm
David Schenk, Bridge Street Consulting Inc.
Welcome and introduction to the speakers

Alex Revich, CEO, Cannabis in Clinical Practice
Cannabis 101 – understanding the basics (THC vs CBD, medical vs recreational)
Ailments that medical Cannabis may help with such as pain, anxiety, PTSD, cancer, crohn’s, multiple scleroses, etc.
Guidelines for physicians who want to refer possible patients to medical cannabis clinics

6:30- 7pm
Philippe Lucas, PhD, Tilray, VP of Patient Advocacy
Opioids and Medical cannabis
Philippe is responsible for the development and implementation of multiple clinical and observation studies

7pm- 7:20pm
Norm Buckley, BA (Psych), MD, FRCP(C) Chair, Professor & Chair; Department of Anesthesia; Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine; McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
• Discuss and apply the newly updated Canadian Opioid Guideline and the rationale for the changes

Lydia Hatcher, MD, CCFP, FCFP, CHE; Chief, Department of Family Medicine, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Recognize the rationale and current process for medical use of cannabis for pain
Conditions for Which Medical Cannabis Has Been Studied and Shown Efficacy
How do you Assess / What are the Risks /What are the Benefits
Dosing / The Prescribing Process

Round Table Discussion moderated by David Schenk:
education for cannabis patients, customers and youth
medical cannabis insurance (accessible, safe, affordable, reliable, and equally recognized as a prescription medication)
the dynamics of the opioid crisis and medical cannabis
ramifications of anticipated lack of legal cannabis supply after July 1st 2018
Kevin Hall, COO of International Cannabis Solutions and Executive Director of Chronic Pain Toronto, International Cannabis Solutions, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jonathan Zaid , Founder and Executive Director, Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM)
Philippe Lucas, PhD, Tilray, VP of Patient Advocacy
Alex Revich, CEO, Cannabis in Clinical Practice, Toronto Ontario

Health Canada risks of smoking marijuana awareness campaign

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Last Update: November 7, 2017

Government of Canada holding a symposium on cannabis public education November 10 in Ottawa, Ontario

October 31, 2017 Ottawa, ON Government of Canada
Government of Canada to invest in cannabis education and awareness
News Release
From Health Canada
New funds to bring total investment in public education, awareness and surveillance to $46M

Stop Reefer Madness Alarm

Organize corresponding public anti reefer madness education events campaign!
December 2017 to March 2019.

Health Canada is planning to launch a new awareness campaign aimed at warning minors and young adults about the risks of using cannabis in the lead up to the drug becoming legal.

A public tender indicates Ottawa is looking for a contractor with creative talent to host a series of events across the country to bring together young people to talk about the risks of smoking marijuana.


Canadian Cannabis Awards 2017

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Entering its fourth year, the CCAs are Canada’s premier cannabis awards.

This is the CCAs’ fourth year, and its first gala. The awards have grown alongside the industry, born from the desire to highlight the tremendous people, products and producers in Canadian cannabis. The CCAs started as a small, but influential online platform in 2014. Each year we’ve added new awards categories, reflecting—and increasingly, influencing— the dynamism of the evolving cannabis sector.

The Canadian cannabis sector is predicted to be a $22 billion economy, with growth rates on par with broadband internet in the early 2000s, and cable in the 1990s. At Lift, we believe it’s high time that our awards reflect the magnitude of this effort and the importance of this economic contribution. That’s why we’re proud to bring you the first CCA gala, celebrating a year of firsts, with many more to come