Legalized 1.0 +

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Justin Trudeau to announce the date for cannabis legalization (Legalized 1.0) today June 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM ET

Legalized 1.0 +

Start of cannabis legalized 1.0 celebrations and strategy planning for Legalized 2.0, 3.0 and finally 4.20.

Legalized 1.0 = Decriminalization of possession and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis.
Legalized 4.20 = Repeal Cannabis Prohibition – Cannabis removed from the CDSA.

Watch this space for updates!

Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo

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The founders and producers of Grow Up Conference and Expo have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors in all levels of Canadian government.

Veteran assemblers of forward-thinkers, their signature events includes the internationally-attended O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, Canadian Music Week, the Digital Media Summit, Radio Interactive Summit and the career-breaking CMW Music Festival. They produce myriad entertainment/media industry awards, including The Indies, The Canadian Radio Music Awards, advertising’s Crystal Awards, The Live Music Industry Awards and the annual Music Broadcast and Industry gala. They also have a two-decade-long relationship with Canada’s Juno Awards.

Boycott Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp

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The Ontario Liberals have allowed the LCBO to sell Cannabis and accessories through the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. The Cannabis community is being taken over by political gangsterism. We are being forced out of an industry by the people who rallied against us. We will not allow it.

When the OCRC location’s and the dates are announced, we will update

Amendments to Zoning and Development By-law and Licence By-law to Align with the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act

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Vancouver City Council Public Hearing
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

6:00 pm

Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall
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Email publichearing@vancouver.ca
Phone 604-829-4238

Senate passed C45 Cannabis Act

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Justin Trudeau to announce the date for cannabis legalization (Legalized 1.0) today June 20, 2018, at 4:30 PM EST (2:30 PM Alberta time)

A Conservative senator attempt to amendment C45 to let provinces
ban personal cannabis cultivation at home failed.

Royal Assent is expected to happen before the end of this week.
Changes to the current CDSA to be complete in 12 weeks. Actual date yet to be set.

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The New Cannabis Landscape 2018

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The place of cannabis marijuana in the lives of Canadians will undergo a radical change with its legalization and entry into the mainstream.

This transformation will affect Canada’s legal landscape, and the new status of cannabis will have profound implications in many areas of practice including (but not limited to): civil litigation, criminal law, municipal law, health law, insurance law, labour and employment law, business law, and corporate finance.

If you practice in an area of law which has a significant cannabis marijuana dimension, you need this program!

Day One

  • Receive an overview including cannabis marijuana basics (botany and pharmacology), the history of cannabis in Canada and globally, the proposed federal Cannabis Act and regulations, the proposed BC regulations, and the impact on local government.

Day Two

  • “Cannabis as Medicine”: examine the evolution of cannabis marijuana from a controlled drug to a regulated health care product, as well as the current issues in discourse surrounding medical cannabis.
  • “Cannabis and Impairment”: explore the twin issues of regulation and measurement of potential impairment caused by cannabis in both the criminal law and employment law contexts.
  • “Cannabis and Business—The Ultimate Joint Venture”: review the major issues that arise when advising cannabis-related business including business regulation, investment and finance, insurance, and cross-border issues.

The Good Vibes Tour

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On June 1, 2018, Mat and Ali will be embarking on The Good Vibes Tour; a self propelled, coast-to-coast cycling crusade to celebrate Canada’s legalization of cannabis, cultivate positive social awareness and most importantly, spread good vibes.

We believe that The Good Vibes Tour represents a super fun opportunity to help normalize cannabis use, support the cannabis community and shake off outdated social stigmas and stereotypes.