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Cannabis Consumer Expo

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Cannabis Consumer Expo, are publicly held trade expo that are age-restricted to attendees 19 years and older. We adhere to all laws and regulations pertaining to cannabis. Government ID is needed to gain entry. eg. Driver License. No exceptions.

Email: cannabisexpoca@gmail.com
Contact: 800-893-3009
Address: 3080 Yonge Street,
Suite 6060, Toronto, M4N 3N1, Canada
Tel: (866-932-5577) fax: (888-978-0090)

Cannabis Career Festival

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Keynotes. Music. Education.
Jobs. Mixers. Life Options. 19+.
Not Your Average
Career Fair

The Cannabis Career Festival is an experiential event where you will engage with passionate cannabis professionals, business leaders, and educators.
It’s a festival for people who want to know more about options for one of their biggest life choices – their job.
If you’re interested in joining Canada’s fastest growing sector, this event is for you.

Journey Cannabis and Music Festival

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You hear music pulsating through the forest and walk towards the sound. Cool vibes are reverberating all around – this is Journey Festival.

Sign up here to receive updates all summer long on our line-up of internationally-acclaimed artists, as well as an array of indie artists from all genres who will perform throughout the Journey Festival weekend

This event brings together Music, Beer, Food, Vendors AND the famous Gary Vaynerchuk as well as others in there we-ed talks

A cannabis inspired SPEAKER SERIES designed to disrupt, provoke and educate

The 2019 Saskatchewan Cannabinoid Research Symposium

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The Saskatchewan Cannabinoid Research Symposium brings together researchers and knowledge users from across the province to share and discuss knowledge gaps and future directions for Cannabis indications and research in this new era of Cannabis legalization and medicinal and recreational use.

For more information and to submit a poster abstract (dl. July 15), please visit the conference page on the CRIS website.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, University of Saskatchewan, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Manitoba, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, ZYUS Inc., Kanata Earth Genetics, and Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Cannabis 101: Essential Information For The New Canadian Reality

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– What’s the difference between recreational and medicinal use of cannabis?
– What are our rights? How do the rules apply to a normal person?
– Where can we get our medicine/recreational legally here in Vancouver?
– Legal dispensaries? Websites? Different between provinces?
– What’s the plan for the future with the rules in Vancouver? Will there be more places to get it?
– Who do we talk to about cannabis? Can we rely on doctors, dispensaries, or pharmacists for guidance with using cannabis as a therapy?
– What about traveling to other provinces and countries?

– How do I talk to my kids, parents, co-workers about cannabis?
– What’s the difference between recreational and therapeutic use?
– What are the pros and cons for adolescents and children using cannabis?
– What’s the science behind heavy cannabis use at certain ages?

– Why so many different strains? How do I choose?
– What is the entourage effect and why is it important?
– Is cannabis use addictive?
– What ways can I use cannabis as a therapy if I don’t want to get high?
– Psychoactive vs non-psychoactive cannabis, the pros and cons of THC
– What’s the difference between CBD and THC, and the rest of the plant?
– Isolated Compounds vs Full Spectrum products
– Treatment for Cancer, epilepsy, insomnia, pain management, opioid management, PMS.
– Relaxation, stress management.

– What are the differences in affects between the different methods of use?
– What if I am subject to employment drug testing? What can I use safely?
– What are the different methods of intake? (Smoking flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures, capsules, gel caps, sprays, suppositories, vaping, concentrates, etc.)
– What are some of the pros and cons for different methods of intake?
– What reasons do people usually use different methods of intake?
– Edibles – What’s the difference between baking and cooking?
– What can I make at home?
– What can I get from a dispensary?

– We are each allowed to grow 4 plants, where do we start?
– How do we get the most out of our 4 plants?
– What are the rules around growing our own cannabis?
– How to cook with my home grown cannabis? (edibles?)
– How much should I grow? Is this determined by how much I regularly consume?
– How big will my plants get?
– What are your goals for growing your own plants?

– How can we introduce cannabis into our spiritual lives?
– What are some of the age old practices that have enhanced higher learning of ourselves?

Live Webinar – Good Production Practices (GPP) and Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Cannabis Industry – Canada & Europe

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In order to ensure appropriate and consistent quality of medicinal/herbal substances, it is necessary to establish good practices in growing, harvesting, and processing operations. Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Products Regulations (ACMPR) requires Licensed Producers to implement and adhere to Good Production Practices (GPP). In Europe, European Medicinal Agency (EMEA) requires adherence to Good Agricultural and collection Practices (GACP) for growing and harvesting. Both GACP and GPP are designed to ensure full traceability back to the seed source for each crop. Following GACP and GPP standards ensures that only the highest quality plants are grown and harvested.

Cannabis in Canada: Exploring this new reality

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Last October, Canada became the second nation in the world to legalize cannabis for non-medical adult use. While cannabis use may be growing, there are still many myths and misperceptions.

Join M-J Milloy (Research Scientist at the BC Centre on Substance Use), Scott Bernstein (Director of Policy at the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition), and Stephanie Lake (Doctoral Candidate at the BC Centre on Substance Use) as we discuss:

What does legalization mean for Canadians?
Can cannabis play a role in addressing the overdose crisis?
Realistic and evidence-based cannabis education for youth

Canadian Cannabis Week

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Canadian Cannabis Week encompasses select cannabis events that celebrate, unite and inspire everyone from the canna-curious to the canna-connoisseur

Cannabis Retail Operations and Management Workshop

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This workshop will help guide you through the application process including the form and manner for submitting an application for a Cannabis Operator Licence and Store Authorization in Ontario and the information that is required to be submitted. A thorough overview of the Cannabis Retail Act will be provided focusing on the Registrar’s standards that have been established. This includes store and security requirements, advertising and promotional restrictions, required staff training, background checks, record keeping and documentation practices, and maintaining compliance with the federal cannabis tracking system.